Crepe Cone is an appealing packaging made of wood and paper
  • Crepe Cone is an appealing packaging made of wood and paper
  • Crepe Cone is an appealing packaging made of wood and paper

Crepe Cone

€145.38 Tax excluded

€0.15 par unité

Quantity: 1.000 units
with paper bag or stand: 1.000 wooden cones L with 1.000 paper bags

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Crepe Cone in wood

Crepe Cone in wood for presenting crêpes, galettes and snacks 

  • 500 or 1.000 pieces
  • with or without greaseproof paper bag
  • with or without wooden stand

Attractive, natural wooden crepe cone for take-away sales

Data sheet

150 ml
Size of the cone and of the paper bag
18 x 13 cm, Ø 7 cm / 27 x 19 cm
Size and weight of carton
39 x 36 x 25 cm / 5 kg

Crepe Cone made from wood

Choose the wooden crepe cone for an original and natural presentation of crepes and galettes for takeaway. The crepe cones made in wood are a natural and aesthetic solution for packaging your crepes and galettes for immediate consumption.

Available in two sizes

For a more functional presentation, we offer the wooden cones in sizes L and XL. Available with optional greaseproof paper bags.

We recommend the wooden cone  XL size for filled galettes. This cone is large enough to accommodate rolled galettes with a very generous filling. For the filling, you can choose either a heated filling added during cooking on the billig, or a topping of fresh ingredients in the center, such as salad or raw vegetables. This "inside and on top" filling technique allows for unique creations that refresh the traditional presentation codes.

For crepes, the L size of the cone is recommended. It requires some skill to place the rolled crepe in the center, which can then be topped with mousses, creams, fruits, and other toppings. The result is an attractive, generous, and appetizing crepe, perfect for immediate consumption.

Crepes with classic fillings such as butter-sugar or chocolate sauce are more easily enjoyed in the new bagasse crepe cone with attached lid.

Practical Wooden Display

The wooden stand is useful during the filling process of crepes and galettes and also for presenting the prepared meals. To free your hands, place the filled cones in the wooden stand. This allows you to prepare the rest of the order or to take payments.

Many customers have been attracted by this appealing packaging made of wood and paper for unique presentations.