French Galette Packaging for food to go and delivery service
  • French Galette Packaging for food to go and delivery service
  • French Galette Packaging for food to go and delivery service

French Galette Packaging

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French Galette Packaging

French Galette Packaging and also Packaging for french crêpes : Square food tray for crepes and galettes compatible with microwave and traditional oven.

  • Galette packaging for traditional square folding
  • Tray with lid
  • Preserves crispness and temperature
  • Available in two sizes
  • Compatible with microwave and traditional oven
  • Stackable
  • Home compostable

Our Galette packaging is the perfect takeaway and delivery packaging for creperies, food trucks, stands, and crepe kiosks. It's a soustainable French Galette Packaging

Data sheet

Complete Package
including lid
400 trays & lids
1.000 ml
Dimensions tray / with lid
22 x 22 cm
Dimensions at bottom
27 x 27 x 3 cm / 28 x 28 x 3,5 cm
Are the trays and lids conditionned in one carton ?
Trays and lids are in two separate cartons
Size and weight of the carton containing the bottoms
56 x 50 x 29 cm, 15 kg
Size and weight of the carton containing the lids
56 x 50 x 29 cm, 14,5 kg

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Galette Packaging for Takeaway 

The galette packaging for takeaway designed by Eocrep is a square food container that is suitable for both buckwheat galettes and wheat crepes.

We have found the solution to keep the crispness and temperature: the material used, bagasse, absorbs moisture and preserves the temperature. The Eocrep takeaway galette and crepe packaging was created in 2012 in collaboration with a renowned creperie training school. Since then, this packaging has proven itself.

There is the large 28 cm square Galette Packaging

The size of the large tray allows for presenting a french Galette as if it were placed on a plate. Quick tip: if the galette sticks to the plate or tray, a quick brush of butter on the bottom will prevent sticking. The large takeaway crepe packaging is the right size for a galette turned on a 40 cm diameter bilig. Its height of 3 cm is perfectly suited for a galette with a traditional topping like the classic galette complete. But don't limit yourself to the traditional galette complete. Any topping of cheese, cold cuts, fish and shellfish, and of course vegetables, works wonders on a galette. The 3 cm height has been designed to minimize the gap between the galette and the lid, which helps better maintain the temperature. It is the rough inside of the lid of the crepe packaging that prevents condensation from falling back onto the product.

And also the 23 cm square Galette Packaging

Choose the 23 cm takeaway crepe packaging with a height of 4.5 cm if you prefer toppings with more volume. Crepiers who work on square plate crepe makers are particularly pleased with this food tray. It allows for a beautiful presentation, as its size is perfectly adapted to crepes and galettes shaped like a band (and not the round shape one knows from the french billigs)

The practical size of 23 x 23 cm with a height of 4.5 cm also allows for the presentation of any cooked dish or salads.

For all your meals for takeaway or delivery, the square food tray is the ideal choice. It preserves the temperature and crispness of the product.

Eocrep's galette packaging is made from eco-responsible material, sugarcane pulp. It is a raw material that regrows easily and is a sustainable alternative to paper made from wood. This packaging combines durability, functionality, and ecological responsibility.