Disposable Salad Bowl in bagasse & lid available in 5 sizes
  • Disposable Salad Bowl in bagasse & lid available in 5 sizes
  • Disposable Salad Bowl in bagasse & lid available in 5 sizes
  • Disposable Salad Bowl in bagasse & lid available in 5 sizes
  • Disposable Salad Bowl in bagasse & lid available in 5 sizes

Disposable Salad Bowl

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Capacity en ml: 500 ml

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Disposable Salad Bowl

Disposable salad bowl made from bagasse, with lid. 

  • with lid
  • good closure thanks to double groove
  • made of environmentally friendly bagasse
  • for hot and cold dishes
  • available in 5 sizes
  • microwave and conventional oven compatible

Disposable salad bowl for take-away sales of salads and ready meals.

Data sheet

Complete Package
including lid
500 ml
Weight per unit bottom / lid
19 gr / 13 gr
Height / with lid
5,5 cm / 6 cm
Diameter at top and at bottom
16 cm / 9 cm
Are the trays and lids conditionned in one carton ?
Trays and lids are in two separate cartons
Size and weight of the carton containing the bottoms
49 x 47 x 35 cm / 12,5 kg
Size and weight of the carton containing the lids
49 x 36,5 x 35 cm / 8

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Disposable Salad Bowl

The disposable salad bowl made from bagasse  is a multifunctional food packaging. Perfect for presenting mixed salads, meals, or a green salad as a side dish. The round bowl with lid is also recommended for packaging hot cooked meals.

In bio-based material

The raw material used for all salad bowls is bagasse. Bagasse withstands heat well and can be used with hot or cold food without risk of deformation.

The bowls are obtained by a thermoforming process. Thus, they are made in one piece. No folds or cracks through which juice could leak.

Unlike some plastics, bagasse products do not contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Functional and recyclable

A disposable salad bowl made from bagasse is compatible with microwave ovens and traditional ovens for reheating the contents.

With a harmonious shape, this bowl makes you want to open it to discover its contents. We only offer bagasse lids. Thus, we aim to promote products that are made from renewable, bio-sourced raw materials. Any bagasse packaging can easily be valued after use. It is a cellulose-based product that can be recycled in the same stream as paper and cardboard.

Stable and with good closure

The lids hold very well. Indeed, the bowl and lid are equipped with a double groove. The lid fits perfectly and stays securely in place. This is particularly important when delivering dishes.

The salad bowls are solid and stable.

Available in 5 sizes

You will find them in 5 different sizes in our range of disposable salad bowls.

  • The 500 ml bowl is perfect for soups, sauced dishes, or as a green salad side dish.
  • The 750 ml bowl is very suitable for a portion of a cooked dish or raw vegetables.
  • The 1,000 ml bowl is recommended for composed salads and generous portions of cooked dishes.
  • The 1,250 ml tall bowl is ideal for presenting a beautiful, hearty salad, or even fried snacks such as nuggets or chicken drumsticks.
  • The large 1,500 ml bowl is large enough for very large meal salads or for cooked mussels, for example.

Depending on your cuisine, you can easily find the bowl that suits you with the capacity you are looking for.

Choosing a disposable bagasse salad bowl can be a more sustainable alternative for those looking for disposable but eco-friendly options.