Disposable plate made from natural fiber for gastro & events
  • Disposable plate made from natural fiber for gastro & events

Disposable plate

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Color: Beige
Dimension: 26 x 26 cm

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Disposable Plate

The ideal disposable plate for fast food, food trucks, caterers, and events

  • Disposable plate made from sugarcane pulp
  • Available in 3 sizes: 16 cm, 20 cm, and 26 cm
  • Eco-friendly and compostable
  • Packaged in sets of 500 units
  • Microwave and conventional oven safe (up to 220°C)
  • Available in natural or white color, depending on supply

A disposable plate made from bagasse is suitable for all types of dishes

Data sheet

500 ml
26 x 26 x 2,5 cm, diagonale 35 cm
Size and weight of carton
50 x 28 x 28 cm, 12 kg

Disposable Plate

The disposable plate is an essential part of any single-use tableware set. Biodegradable and recyclable, the bagasse disposable plate minimizes its environmental impact. It is perfect for any sort of event and outdoor activity. A set of wooden cutlery is the ideal complement to the bagasse disposable plate.

Expérience your food on a quality support

One of the main features of a disposable plate made from bagasse is the heat resistance. They are suitable for hot foods without the risk of warping or melting, unlike plastic alternatives. Additionally, they do not impart any taste or odor to the food, ensuring an authentic and enjoyable taste experience.

Easy to use

Each disposable plate is lightweight yet very sturdy. It can be used for all types of meals. Indeed, it is available in different sizes to suit a starter, main course, or dessert. The disposable plate can hold generous portions without bending or breaking. It is resistant to water and oil, making it ideal for a variety of dishes, including those that are particularly moist or greasy.

Functional and Attractive Disposable Plates

The disposable plates we offer are as beautiful as they are practical. Their design adds a touch of elegance to your tables. Made from a material that is pleasant to the touch, these plates enhance the appearance of each dish. Thus, a quality dish presented on such a plate undoubtedly gains in value.

Useful for Everyone and Every Occasion

The disposable plate is suitable for all occasions. It is indispensable for food trucks and stands. It is found at buffets, receptions hosting a large number of people, picnics, football matches, and parties. It is also seen at trade shows, festivals, and any outdoor event. The plate is easy to store thanks to its shape and lightness.

A sturdy Plate

The bagasse plate withstands heat and cuts well. You can use it for hot or cold dishes without worry. Choosing a bagasse plate means choosing an eco-friendly option. It is biodegradable and an excellent alternative to plastic plates.

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