Crepe Cornet in bagasse for crepes and galettes on-the-go
  • Crepe Cornet in bagasse for crepes and galettes on-the-go
  • Crepe Cornet in bagasse for crepes and galettes on-the-go
  • Crepe Cornet in bagasse for crepes and galettes on-the-go
  • Crepe Cornet in bagasse for crepes and galettes on-the-go
  • Crepe Cornet in bagasse for crepes and galettes on-the-go

Crepe Cornet

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Crepe Cornet

Crepe Cornet in bagasse for on-the-go consumption. Crepe Cornet in a new style, 400 pieces per carton

  • in bagasse
  • 400 units per box
  • with attached lid
  • for on-the-go consumption

Crepe Cornet, extremely pratical and multi-purpose for crepes and galettes to eat on the go.

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350 ml
Dimensions tray / with lid
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Crepe Cornet

Crepe Cornet, original and innovative crepe cone made from bagasse for eating crepes and galettes "on the go". Ultra-practical and functional, you can use it in several ways. This cornet is a hybrid between a crepe cone and a plate. Easy to use and perfect for sweet crepes and savoury galettes. Especially for those with lots of ingredients.

Made from environmentally friendly material

The new crepe cornet is made of bagasse. It is a natural material, made from plant fiber. It is functional as it protects from heat and is resistant to grease. At the same time, it is a biodegradable material. The cornets can be recycled with paper and cardboard after use.

Useful and functional packaging

Many crepe makers use thin paper bags for their crepes. A freshly made crepe or galette is too hot to touch and hold by hand. Therefore, they are wrapped in several napkins as a barrier. The bagasse crepe cornet is the solution. Whatever the choice – crepe or galette – and whatever the filling, no more multiple layers of paper to prevent the customer from burning their fingers. The crepe cornet insulates very well from heat. The customer can easily hold it in their hand. The shape is designed for a good grip while protecting.

Very easy to use

Prepare your crepe or galette on the billig. First, fold it in half to form a half-moon. Add the filling. Then fold a third over once from the left and once from the right. Your crepe or galette is now folded like a fan. Place it with your spatula on the grooved part of the cone. Close the lid and fold the small tab on the side. Your customer can leave with their snack to eat right away, in the packaging.

You present the crepe cone either standing up, vertically, like an ice cream at the ice cream shop. For this purpose, we have created a metal stand. To free up your hands, slide the cone into the stand, to prepare the rest of the order or to take payment.

Sweet creations, in particular, can be presented laid down in the cornets. Like on a plate. Opt for the same fan fold and garnish the crepe with your delicious toppings. If you put the topping on top, present the cone flat, horizontally. If you fill the crepe, with banana slices and chocolate for example, present it standing up.

Make a very good impression

The crepe cone is a clever solution that allows you to present your crepes and galettes in an innovative and functional way. This packaging will make you stand out, as it is innovative and high quality. All your preparations will be showcased in the bagasse crepe cornet.